I've been doing photography most of my life.  My initial teacher was my father who was a criminal investigator for the Missouri State Highway Patrol.  He taught me the basics of exposure and shutter speed and so on.  Then he got me a Pentax K1000 film camera and a few lenses.  I still have that camera.  

As time went on and great point and shoot cameras came out, I got a few.  I got lazy and relied on auto settings.   Let's face it, auto mode is great, but you can't get that great bokeh, trying to get those gorgeous sun glows just ruin the auto mode shots.  

I got my first DSLR a couple of years ago.  When I bought it, I made myself a promise, no more auto mode.   A crash course on the exposure triangle and depth of field and it started coming back to me.  I was shooting nature and animals.  The thought of doing photos for friends never crossed my mind. I wouldn't enjoy that.    A friend of mine who is a phenomenal model photographer started working with me and pushed me to do more with people photography.  I started doing some family photos for friends and realized I loved doing people photography - North Star Creations Photography was born.  Thank you Dawin Welch of Personality Photography -

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