Sunday, July 6, 2014

Woman and her horse - Senior Photo moment

Welcome to North Star's new photography blog!   We figured it was time to start a blog where folks that just don't like facebook can check out what we've been up to.
I think the first post will be one of our favorite photos we've taken this year.

If anyone has seen photos I've taken over the last year or so, I almost always do some animal eye pictures.   A lot with a horse's eye.    When a wonderful young senior wanted some Senior pictures done and asked if I minded taking them with her horse, I jumped at the chance.    I'm not sure if I was more excited or her.  I immediately researched some posing ideas that would show off her and her horse.   She had some ideas and I had some ideas and some of my helpers had some ideas.   We went through all of them.  I asked if she minded me trying this photo idea out.   We took about 8 different shots of her next to her horse and I fell in love with this one.    Thank you Molly and Kayce for a chance to get a gorgeous shot! 

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